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206 321-4109
About VEI
A Seattle Tradition

Hi, I'm Frank Jenkins, owner of Vista Estate Imaging.

For over 30 years, I've been providing photography for residential and commercial real estate agents, builders, designers and architects. The industry's imaging needs have changed greatly, from the earliest days of black and white photographs used in the MLS, to today's world of digital color images, slide shows and virtual tours.

Presenting your listing for your clients in a bright, clear and colorful way is now more important than ever in enhancing your market representation and helping to speed the selling process. Since starting in 2004, VEI has worked to bring you excellent image quality at affordable prices, with quick turnaround times in the formats you need for your photo galleries, Multiple Listing Services and all your printing needs!

Covering large portions of the Western Washington area, my team of experienced and professional photographers will work to provide you with the excellent quality images and compositions you'll need to assist in presenting your properties in an effective way, in this challenging and competitive market climate.

The majority of buyers are now researching and narrowing their home choices via the Internet and a Vista Estate Imaging photo shoot will be working non-stop as your 24/7 open house! Try us out! Over 1600 clients have, and the results are clear - great photography works!

Frank L. Jenkins
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